18 May 2012

Pure Saturday - The Grey Concert

It was a very good music and performance by 'PS' at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, on 15th May 2012. It was a nostalgic night, a nice one. Hail, Pure Saturday.

26 July 2011

I Love Getting Haircut

Found this 'old-timer' barbershop near Condet --a hectic, dense, and sleepless district at East Jakarta. Yes, i love getting haircut, and i love done it at a barbershop. For me, barbershop not just a place to clean the mess (cut the hair, shave the beard). Barbershop also means a place where you can speak to strangers with no prejudice (just like "Warung Kopi" in Indonesian urban culture). In a barbershop, there's also loyalty, trust, friendly atmosphere, and indeed a good service. Just sit at the barber-chair, chill, and in the end you'll smell the perfect scent of cheap aftershave. Ahh... feel so good mate! (all photos by: @deardor)

The Deco Square

Kota Tua Jakarta. Sounds boring and overrated, yeah true. But for me this place is worth to visit for once in your lifetime, especially when you were just moving to Jakarta from your hometown. The best part of Kota Tua, of course the old buildings. Get close with them, look at the well crafted architectural details. The bad part? Soon-to-be married couples who took a pre-wedding photo session here.

Behold! The Puppet Museum

My girlfriend said this place was so creepy. But i think it's just dark. There's a lot of "dead figures" (puppets, masks, and dolls), stand with their loosely hands behind the glass wall, staring at you straight to the pupils, with their cold and empty eyes. And know what? The worst thing is their smiling (or grin?) but lifeless face. The Jakarta Puppet Museum.. err.. yeah, this place at least, will give you goosebump.

17 July 2011